Money pit

The new house euphoria disappears just as fast as it builds up!

It went like this for us:

L- “oh we want it!  gotta have it! we’ll only need this much $$$, because we’ll diy alot of it”

(create spreadsheet to of potential $ saved by diy-ing it – show to impressed money-conscious engineer hubby)

(negotiate price, meet halfway) “grrr, I think we could’ve gotten it for less”

L- “so, wow, that’s alot of work to be done” (looking at spreadsheet)

L- “let’s price it out! our time is worth something too!”

L- “you want how much for painting 3 rooms?! do you know how many rooms i could furnish with that $$?”

L- “i think we need to do it ourselves”

D- “i’m really busy at work this week”

L- “no problem, i can do it!”

( on hands & knees scrubbing kitchen grout for 2 days)

L- “who lived here before us??!!! I don’t think they ever cleaned this floor!”

L- “and they certainly never dusted!” (giant hairballs of unknown creature discovered in waterheater closet) “Gross!!”

(hairballs left in place, to be dealt with another day)

(need supplies, tools) (3 trips to Home Depot) ($500 poorer)

L- “I don’t think i’m going to paint this week.  It’s gonna take me all week to clean/ prep”

L – “oh and we need thing A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J-X that i forgot last time I went to the store”

D- “don’t forget to add Y & Z to the list”

(looking at spreadsheet)

(wanting to pull hair(now graying) out)

(wishing for a move-in ready modern)

1 comment
  1. tabitha said:

    haha, too funny! yes, a home, especially a fix-it one is definitely a money pit, but all the sweat equity you plan on putting into it, you guys will be just fine.

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