Hidden Treasures

With a new home comes many discoveries.  Ours was no exception.  Some cool, others: not so  much!

1. Dead rats in the attic – not cool!

2. Hidden passage – VERY cool! (and no, I’m not telling where it is)

3. Treasures in the crown moulding: kinda cool

  • 2 inch ball of gray play-do… or at least what it looks like
  • 1 white, dust covered lucky rabbit’s foot
  • 1 foam paintbrush tip

4. 1/2 pretzel stick in the tv cabinet: not cool!

5. Boogers on the wall: not cool!

6. 2 pantries: WAY cool!

7. Grimy, dirty, very full gutters: Fine for me, NOT cool for Deric ;-)

Can’t wait to see what else we unearth!


  1. Olivia said:

    A hidden passageway! That is awesome.
    The house looks beautiful. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing when you are done cleaning :)

  2. tabitha said:

    if i come visit, will you show me the hidden passage???? that is way too cool!

    and 2 pantries?! i can’t even fathom how awesome that is. we don’t even have one.

  3. Crystal Cutrell said:

    OK, the shower in the Master bath does NOT count as a secret passageway, Lygia! hahahaha I’m loving your updates – funny stuff! and I’m so gonna find that secret passageway….

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