Dining Room Dreams Come True

Agh! So excited!

For many reasons!

  1. We have a dining room!
  2. I love my dining room!
  3. I just finished painting the wall in my dining room!
  4. I love my painted walls in the dining room!

It took 3 days to tape, paint ceiling, prime, and paint the walls.  I picked this grey color … I wanted it to look  modern and clean.  That’s why I chose to paint the chair rail and molding on the bottom half of the wall.  Heck.. I think the paint can look almost blue/purple in some light… darn…

But, i’m hoping the new stain on our soon-to-be-refinished wood floors will remedy that.

Future Plans for the Dining room:

  1. Buy new chandelier (this is what we have now, and i think it’s beyond saving… only because it’s half porcelain, and that I think will be very hard to paint)

    Blue floral porcelain... not quite our taste

  2. Buy a dining table.
  3. Buy chairs
  4. Accessorize!!!! eeeekkk… can’t wait to do that!

Here’s what it looks like today… what u think????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Before you spend money on a new chandy, I would def. try spray painting that sucker. It could look very modern if you pick an accent color (ie: orange or pink) and spray paint it….all depends on what you are going for but with that gray, you could have all kind of fun!

    • I am definitely considering painting it.. and orange is my favorite color! I’m only hesitant about painting over the porcelain parts. I’m not sure if spray paint will stick to it.

  2. I think they walls look grey. Maybe it’s the lighting.

  3. Monica S said:

    HELLooooo!!! Hi Lyg! I just linked to your blog from Tabs today (tonight) and you are keeping me up WAY past my bedtime. I just wanted to say, ‘DON’T paint the porcelain!!!” Don’t do it. It would be fabulous if you paint the gold and change the shades. Check out Mackenzie childs website for inspiration. I bet you could use that chandalier somewhere in your house… or on the porch? Anyway, I am getting back to your blog… Love, Monica
    P.S The train table dining room table on the mackenzie childs website is MY DREAM dining table. LoVe it!!!

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