Kitchen dreams

Our new kitchen is big.

It has potential.

Unfortunately we will not be able to unleash its potential all at once.  Instead, we will let it leak out slowly, like a helium balloon deflating slowly over time.

If all goes well, we will in the next 6 years or so, completely redo the kitchen.

Until then, it’s getting a face lift!

Just a little tuck here, and a little nip there, and voila! 15 years younger!

So I’ve created a list of my problems in the kitchen.  (Deric thinks it’s perfect now, see costs at bottom of table ;-)

Beige laminate countertops that look mauve in certain lighting Paint over the tan walls that make the countertops look mauve 


Replace with a nice black granite
White paint flaking off cabinets Touch up paint with extra paint found in the garage Replace cabinets with modern white or light maple ones
Small 2×2” Gray/mauve tile backsplash Paint over them (I just want them to disappear into the background) Replace…. With something…. something better…
Dirty stained white grout and 6×6” white! floor tiles Scrub grout for 2 days and seal Replace! With very large, very gray tiles, and very small grey grout lines!
Built-in wall can-opener Learn to live with it… or pull out and hang picture over gaping hole in wall Remove! And pretend it was never there
Electric cook-top Use it, create on it, learn to love it Replace! With nice hot gas one
Outdated ceiling fan Replace with nice drum pendant Keep drum pendant
COSTS: (estimated) <$300 >$20,000

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  1. The white cabinets are not bad, I don’t think. That can opener is ugly. Like really ugly. But a picture over that hole would look awkward. If anything, the sink looks more mauve than the countertop. Any plans to change it out? At least electric stovetops are easier to clean.

    • yes nomers, the sink will be replaced… i forgot to add that to my list. as well as the knobs/handles on the cabinets. both will be stainless steel. I know the can opener HAS to go! I was kidding about the picture :) what else could i hang over it?

  2. Olivia said:

    It does have a lot of potential! I think just a fresh color on the walls is going to make a huge difference. Owning a house sure is a never ending project!

  3. Ema Berari said:

    Lyg, you are great!! I love you and miss you so much!! God Bless you and your creativity!

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