Parquet Floors

A third of our new house has parquet wood floors. I’m guessing they are the original floors. I’ve never really liked the look of parquet – I think it’s too busy, hurts the eyes a little.

I wish we didn’t have to touch the floors, but they are very worn out! On the other hand, I wish the budget allowed for the brand-new, wide-planked, blond, maple hardwood floors of my dreams, but it doesn’t.

And so we meet in the middle. Well, less than the middle – even better!
Do nothing: $0
Replace floors: $9,000
Refinish floors: $3,200

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go darker to a brown-black stain, or if I wanted to take all the stain out and stay with the natural color of the wood… I finally went with the one that I thought would give the house a more modern feel.

Here is what I decided! And I think I kinda like parquet floors now!

What do you think?!



  1. WOW. It looks so much better. Not too bad as an alternative. And much more modern looking.

    • yay, glad you think so! i was hoping to make it look more modern… it’s funny, the floor guy actually helped talk me into a lighter color… i guess that’s why they’re the professionals :)

  2. Lindsey said:

    That is gorgeous!!

  3. Sharon Melen said:

    Nice! And the wall color is so pretty.

  4. mary said:

    Wow, it looks great! You made a great choice.

  5. olivia said:

    All these pictures make me wonder were your furniture is hiding…

    • :) We’re still in our other house… we’re moving at the end of the month

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