Oh the horror!

I was awakened this morning by a startling thought…..

We don’t have a coat closet at the front of our new house!!!

Where will guests put their coats?!
Where will I hide junk when I “clean” before my friends come over?!
Where will I keep my umbrellas??!!
Oh no! How could we have overlooked something so critical when we bought this house/????!!!
(sinking feeling in pit of my stomach)


Wait, we have two hall closets just around the corner, next to the bedrooms.
Those should work.

Whew, crisis averted.


1 comment
  1. tabitha said:

    haha, too funny! the things that keep you up at night are so different than the things that keep me up. :)

    so glad the crisis was averted – i can only imagine poor deric’s reaction if you would’ve concluded this house simply wouldn’t work w/o a coat closet.

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