I scream, you scream, we all scream for a rustic, farmhouse kitchen table!

and ice cream

But what I want and need more than ice cream is a farmhouse kitchen table.

Problem: The more used, abused, old, rickety and farmy a table looks, the more it costs! All you can get for a few hundred dollars is a shiny new one! the insanity!!

Solution: I’m going to have to pay for an new, old-looking table.

My vision: Old rustic table, new modern chairs (probably metal or wood/metal combo); not opposed to having a bench on one side either.

Here is what the dining space in my eat-in kitchen looks like:

View from the Living room (pretend the fan isn't there)

Facing the kitchen

Built-in Buffet - facing hallway that leads to study & laundry room

So after weeks of internet shopping, and one bad craigslist buy, I’ve narrowed it down to 8 tables.
Here are the top contenders for the space: Which do you like best?
(please vote below)


Trestle Table


Hacienda Table


Big Leg Rustic Pine Table


Modern Rustic Table


Craigslist Find


WM - Provence Table


WM - Verona Trestle Table


WM - Sourav Dining Table

  1. I liked #1 and #6 but voted for 6. After that, 7 is next in line for me.

  2. Dafni said:

    I really like #7, too!

  3. Tabitha Jivcu said:

    I like #7 & #6

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