Old house, forever in my heart

I’ve always been sentimental, but since I’ve become a mother, I’ve really started to think about the significance of memories and the objects of our memories.

I’ve heard people reminisce about their first home, and I thought it seemed a little over-dramatic.  Until we moved. And I drive by the old house (my babysitter lives next door to the old house). And I start tearing up when I see it.

But the old house is where I began my life with my husband.  I cooked my first meal as a wife, not a girlfriend.  The old house is where we had new friends over for dinner and eventually they became old friends.  It’s where we planted our first vegetable garden together and enjoyed the rich bounty of okra, squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe, yellow watermelon and green beans. And the old house is where Luke spent his 4th night on this earth.  It’s where he learned to smile, sit-up, laugh, and crawl.  The house was truly our family home.

And now, living in Hilldale house, i think fondly of our cozy little home.  Especially when I am mopping a kitchen floor twice the size of the old home. and sometimes I cry.  But I know in time, Hilldale house will be filled with our things, our family, and our memories, and each day it will feel more and more like home.

Fortunately, the old house is still ours.  We were able to rent it out to great people.  I know they will put their own stamp on it, but here’s a photo homage to the way the house looked before we moved, as we listed it for rent.  This is the way I will always think of you old house.

Living Room

And for some BEFORE/AFTER  of the old house:

The master bath is all IKEA’d out! I love their stuff, love their prices.  I never had finished the small details in the bath, like what to do with the empty space above the toilet.  Just 2 shevles, 3 pots and some bamboo shoots later, voila! (oh, and some cleaning too)

Master Bath - BEFORE

Master Bath - AFTER




I also wanted to re-do our front porch. It had terracotta tiles that were beginning to peel away. I never did like the terracotta and always planned on laying slate down. Unfortunately, we put it off too long, and it was time to rent the house off, so I needed the cheapest, fastest solution. So I removed all the tiles, scraped all the mortar adhesive off with a flat shovel, and washed the entire surface. Then I painted it with some grey concrete paint normally used on garage floors.





Finally, here is a picture of the old house kitchen backsplash which was the first one I painted and inspired me to paint the one at Hilldale house. (it used to be two-tone beige with etchings of mushrooms and birds)?!

Painted Backsplash


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