Co-op-ing Goodness

A random TV piece led to the best decision I’ve made lately…

We joined our local co-op.  Every 2 weeks, we receive about 30 lbs of fresh produce.

There is something so wonderful about getting your produce with dirt on it.. the only thing more satisfying is harvesting it out of your own backyard :)

Here is our first batch! Ain’t it purty???!!

And the thing i’m most excited about: Bok choy!! The only bok choy I’ve ever purchased has been limp and old. But this was small, crisp, delicate! oh and it tasted just as nice as it looked!

Beautiful Bok choy 

I was so excited to use the bok choy that I used it that night. I used it to make a buckwheat asian noodle dish with Asian broiled tofu & zuchinni, my interpretation of this recipe. It was so yummy!

Bok Choy Noodles with Broiled Tofu

  1. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Gonna post this on Facebook :)

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