Luke is 1 !

One year ago today, God blessed us with a tiny, beautiful baby boy.

He has been such a blessing in our lives. He brings so much joy into our family and brightens up our lives.

We love you our

  • little monkey,
  • crazy-haired kid,
  • baby Bieber,
  • blackfoot*,
  • baby-kins,
  • Master of the Thighs**,
  • squirmy-wormy,
  • momma’s joy,
  • chubba lubba,
  • lukester,
  • muffin top,
  • baby love,
  • Destructo***!

*gets dirty little black feet from crawling around
**Has mastered some serious chubby, squishy thighs!
***Super-hero name. Superpower: the ability to destruct and destroy anything!

Naomi’s Blog
Photography by Dafni

Our sleepy baby boy

hee hee, baby chubba-lubba

Sportin' the cute tie my sister Naomi made him

Baby Blues

Peek-a-boo - taken by my talented sister Tabi

Merry Christmas!

Another beautiful shot taken by Tabi

Studly studmuffin - courtesy of H&M and another tie by Naomi

Dock baby - photography by Dafni

Cowboy in training - horsin' around with poppa

Wearing momma's favorite color

Living on the edge!

Texas-sized bowtie

1 comment
  1. robin pena said:

    can’t believe it’s been a year already, he is so adorable and i know what you mean about the joy he brings to your family. i’ve been blessed with four wonderful children and miss the days when they were small. enjoy him now because they grow up so fast…..

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