Someone’s Trash…

is my treasure!

It’s been an amazing week on Craigslist!  I had no intention of buying anything, but I had a few minutes and decided to peruse around and see what my fellow Dallas-ites were selling.

I am now the proud owner of 2 cane-back chairs, 2 bamboo-style chairs, and one 9-foot expandable rustic spanish dining table!

All pieces need a little work, but for the deals I got on them, I’m ready and willing!!!

The bamboo chairs:

and some inspiration for afters……

or maybe keep the frame and do a fun stripe on the seat?

And then the cane-back chairs. Someone did a ummm… less-than-perfect paint job on them. I like the white, but I will strip and repaint them, and also fix some of the caning. I think they need a bright bold cushion…

After inspiration…
Green Velvet anyone??!!!

or a bright, bold, fun print?

or dump the white and go for drama??


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