Fashion Forward

Europe has a way of making me seem frumpy. Try as I may to plan ahead, somehow I end up looking like a disheveled mess compared to the chic locals.

When I was in Paris a couple of years ago, this really bothered me.

But this time around, I had bigger fish to fry – like trying to keep my child out of harm’s way and making sure we don’t get pick-pocketed.

So when I felt my outfit looked a little dowdy, I improvised.

Is it an Aden+Anais baby swaddle blanket, or a super chic, funky monkey scarf? You decide.

  1. tabitha said:

    HAHAHAH!! i’m pretty sure i’m actually registered for that swaddle blanket, BUT i must say, i wouldn’t have known otherwise! you sold it well, fashion mama! :)

  2. Sarah said:

    I love it…….. cant believe you actually did that. maybe I should do it here. I do have the same swaddle and we could start a trend in Europe and Australia!

    • Sarah we miss you! Please send us more pictures of baby, and you in your swaddle scarf ;-)

  3. Monica S said:

    My vote is for Super Chic!!!!

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