Travelin’ Baby

We decided to travel to Portugal & Spain with our 14-month-old. Crazy? I thought so at first, but it wasn’t too bad at all.

The plane rides were really good, possibly due to the fact that we were lucky enough to always get an extra seat between us, that we didn’t pay for.
And we also left for Europe in the evening, right around his nap time.

I can’t say it all went smoothly. 4 days into our trip, we kept him up too late, and we paid for it! He was up every hour, from 9pm – 2 am, screaming inconsolably, and could only be soothed by Deric, which left me feeling useless and helpless.
But in the morning, it was like it never happened!

He was generally very happy, and seemed to have a blast.

Having a baby while traveling is an instant ice-breaker. Generally, the locals will at least smile at your baby, even if you don’t speak their language.

Traveling with a baby also forced us to slow down our pace. On previous trips, we felt rushed to see and do everything. With a child, you go into it knowing that you will not be able to see/do everything, so you become more selective on what you do see. And then you take the time and really enjoy what you do see.

Here is baby and his trip highlights!

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  1. tabitha said:

    i’ve gotta say, you guys inspired me to consider travelig with a little one, something Reid has always said he’d be ok with, but the idea has scared me a bit.

    mister luke looks like he had such a good time, and of course the locals would smile at that handsome little face – he’s irresistable! also love the idea of a baby forcing you to slow down the travel pace and actually enjoy each moment. :)

  2. Monica S said:

    I think those pics are priceless and what a great memory for Luke when he will look at those photos some day. You are actually teaching him to be open-minded and willing to try new things at an early age and that is AWESOME!

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