Vacation Wrap – up

I finally did it!

It took me all day, and my poor child probably feels neglected. I’ll make it up to him tomorrow in kisses and wrestling matches. I might even let him chew on acorns outside.

Here they are, the final vacations blogs!

I say Lisbon, you say Lisboa: a quick look at Lisbon’s sights

What we ate – Barcelona: Do not view on empty stomach!

Travelin’ Baby: An overview of Luke’s traveling experiences

Fashion Forward: Luke’s swaddle blanket gets a new lease on life

  1. tabitha said:

    YAY!! such a nice surprise to wake up this morning to not one but FOUR blog posts from you – now i have to get my butt in gear and do some blogging – you’ve inspired me!

    how’s luke liking the acorns?

    • Luke has been happily likcing acorns, under close supervision of course.

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