Thrifting Tuesdays – Lots o Lamps

It was fate.

I opened up the newspaper, which I never do, and there it was:

a 50% off coupon for Goodwill’s Black Friday Sale!


What is better than  ridiculously low-priced stuff?! Getting that stuff for 1/2 off!!

So while others ran to the mall, I ran to Goodwill.  And I was not the only one there.  The line was longer than I had ever seen it.  And I had to rush home to relieve Deric of baby duty.

So I ran to the coat rack, nothing.  Dress rack, 1 purple satin number, Score!

Then I saw the lamps.

And I came home with triplets :)

My fave is this glass number.. Similar glass and nickel ones run $125 and up.

This one is brass, but it’s aged, so not as shiny, and I’m considering keeping it that way.

and these white numbers aren’t so bad either

Best part, I got 3 lamps for $21! Probably the best Black Friday deal out there!

Thrift on!

  1. tabitha said:

    really wish i would’ve known about the black friday goodwill sale…though i’m not sure i had it in me to mess with lines and crowds, even for those amazing lamps. which are AMAZING by the way! i would love one of them for the nursery…the one we got at IKEA pales in comparison.

    i think i may just make my way to goodwill and the salvation army stores this weekend to see if i can score any finds. oh, and if ou hear of any more sales, let me know stat!

  2. Love those lamps! quick mail me some here! Great black friday

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