Thrifting Tuesdays-LittleBlackDress(es)

Sometimes you find a really classic, chic black dress that you will keep forever, and are willing to spend some $$ on.

And then sometimes you find 3 very different, very cheap, black dresses at your local thrift shop!

My little black dress count is now up to 10! gulp.. More than one person should have?


but maybe not when they’re under $5.00 a pop???!

Dress 1: Spaghetti strap, ruffle dress – $4.54

Ruffled & Strapped

How I wore it:

Dress 2: Lace, elastic waist dress -$6.96 (ok, not under $5, but still!!)

Black Lace Beauty

How I wore it:

Dress 3: Assymetrical lace skirt & top -$3.93

Lace-abilities - the story of an unfortunate ensemble

How I wore it #1:

How I wore it #2:

What do you think? Like them, hate them? Do you feel inspired or nauseous? Let me know!

  1. Vanessa said:

    i just absolutely LOVE all of them!!! LOVE!!

  2. Olivia said:

    Those are so great Lyg! Looking at them on the hanger I never would have known they could look so great on. Love the combos. You are so creative. Makes me want to go shopping!

    • come visit us anytime and we can ditch leave the babies with their dads and go treasure shopping!

  3. Naomi C. said:

    I love them all. Which reminds me that I need to hit up those thrift stores again and soon.

  4. they’re all so great. my personal favorite is the second black dress. you look so gorgeous in it! well worth the extra dollar and cents :)

    • Thanks! It’s addicting finding clothes under $10/piece! and so much fun!

  5. Bobi said:

    love them. especially love the lace top with the skinny jeans – because it’s one of those looks that will always be classic and at the same time very sexy. both black dresses are gorgeous and you look awesome in them.

  6. Shey said:

    wow, you found some great dresses and best of all they fit great! I especially love the last outfit because it’s got this preppy look, but all of the outfit are super cute and chic. =)

  7. Noreen said:

    Love the ruffle dress. It looks so cute with that belted shirt.

    • Thanks! That ruffle dress is great! I plan on wearing it without a shirt during the summer and with a wider belt around the waist… never was a ruffle kinda girl, but I think I’m converted!

  8. tabitha said:

    ok, who are you and what have you done with my sister??? as if i don’t feel like this often enough, after this post, i’m even MORE sad that we don’t live in the same city. i would never in a million years have been able to transform those 3 dresses the way you did. in fact, i wouldn’t have given them a second glance (i probably would’ve scoffed at them), but you worked miracles!

    my absolute favorite is the first one with the flannel shirt – soooo cute!!

    • thanks tabi! and i do wish we lived in the same city! I guess we will for at least 1 week in February :)

  9. Love, love , love what you did with the dresses and you look lovely, I really had my doubts about the lace twin set but it totally rocked in its new avatar!

  10. I love them all! I, too, am a sucker for the black dress. Just yesterday, I added yet another lace black number to my closet. Except its much, much too short, so I’ll be wearing it as a shirt. I’m so glad you rescued the lace ensemble – I love the top with jeans! Such a classic look.

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