Thrifting Tuesdays-SHOES!

I don’t know if shopping at consignment stores officially counts as thrifting.

Here in Texas there are ALOT of women’s consignment stores.  The prices are usually at least 75% off what you would pay retail.  When I went this past Saturday, almost every other item I picked up still had the original tag on it!!

I have NO problem letting others pay full price for clothes/shoes/accessories and then sell them to me for cheap when they’re through with them! Not only does it save me much $$$$, but I also think about it as a clothes-recycling system :)

I found all of these shoes at consignment stores in the past 6 months.  They were barely worn, and one pair still had the original stickers on the sole.  Score!

1.  BCBG Generation Boots

2. The LOOK by Randolph Duke (didn't really need another pair of brown boots, but couldn't pass up the deal!)

3. Ted Baker London (usually don’t like this short of a heel, but as I age and my feet hurt, I’m more open to them)

4. Lauren Conrad (kohls) (not the best deal, but still got them >50% off retail!)

  1. Olivia said:

    Lyg we are officially coming to Texas at the beginning of June. I want to see you on the way into Waco. Maybe we should go thrusting!?!

    • please come see us! and maybe I’ll go thrifting before you get here… a late birthday present???!!! that way we can just chill and catch up :)

  2. Naomi C. said:

    I can NEVER find good thrifted shoes. Usually they aren’t in my size. And consignment stores in Chicago are still ridiculously expensive. I still can’t pay $30 for a sweater, I don’t care that it was $150 before.

    • i agree… I usually try to keep my thrift/second-hand buys under $20, otherwise I might as well save another $20 and buy something new. Come see me here anytime and we’ll do the circuit! Just ask Tab, she got a taste of it when she came to see me last year. What a blast!

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