Thrifting Tuesdays-Going Green (part 3)

My friend Sarah’s pregnancy renewed my love of thrifting…(stay with me now!)

My sisters and I used to frequent our local thrift stores all through our high school years.

When I went off to college I thrifted a little, but mostly to find pieces for costumes.

Then I graduated, found a job, became a working professional, and spent all my extra money at the mall, trying to make up for all I had been “deprived” of because I was 1 of 9 siblings (boy I wish I still had that $$!).

So fast-forward 5 years or so….
and my friend Sarah became preganant! And I was hosting her “tea-party” baby shower at my house. And I needed to find cheap tea cups.

So I hit the thrift stores hard to find tea cups!
And as I was rushing out of one particular store, I happened to glance over at a rack of clothes.

I saw this green number, and within 30seconds I was back into thrifting mode!
“I like the color”
“This cut would disguise my post-baby hips”
“I could wear a cute belt with it”
“It’s modest so I can wear it to church”
“ok, it’s mine”

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I only spent $3-4 on it.
So glad Sarah got pregnant :)

  1. Vanessa said:

    i love all the dresses you have posted!!! LOVE!!! you have got to tell me what thrift stores you are going to because i need to be there too!!! Email me when you get a chance.

  2. i absolutely love this dress and oh the shoes are so great with it. what a great look on you. great find. you know since i’ve been reading these posts of yours i’ve visited more thrift stores than ever before. thanks for the inspiration. btw-now a wordpress girl. thanks for the suggestion i do like it better.

    • Glad you like it! I was hoping to inspire someone! and welcome to wordpress!

  3. tabitha said:

    oooh, love this dress too! i don’t know how you do it, but i fully expect you to do it when you visit next week…who knows what thrifty finds you’ll help me find! :)

    all this green makes me think of nomers – she’s been pinning lots of green lately! too bad she can’t be here next week too.

  4. Mimi said:

    You are going to have to take Mimi to the thrift stores! Love that dress and shoes.

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