C-List Design; Orange wingback

I love Craigslist!

I’m going to start chronicling my C-List finds and where they end up in my home.

I’m currently on the hunt for dining chairs…

and in the search I found this classic wingback… it had me at “orange” …

At $45 it was a steal!

In the night-light of the seller’s storage unit, it looked like a faded burnt-orange… and in the daylight that’s exactly what it is!

I’m hoping to do the minimal amount needed to freshen it up… starting with some steam-cleaning.

Maybe I’ll paint the legs a crazy color and add a fun throw pillow?

or just paint the legs white to freshen it up?

or maybe some nailhead on the side?

Now to find an extra 40 hours in my week to work on it..

  1. Michelle said:

    Love that…need to find an extra 40 hours…oh, I so feel that way! Awesome chair:)

    • thanks i love it too, done nothing so far… just sitting there perfuming my living room with its musty self

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