Thrifting Tuesdays-An unlikely pair

Remember those fasion rules that you learned once upon a time?:
“Do not wear white after labor day!”
“Do not wear socks with sandals”
“Do not wear black and navy together”
“Do not mix patterns”

Well my friends, I am happy to say that I am free from those rules!

Because I think that white looks fabulous in a winter wool coat or pant, and I happen to like a crazy combo of patterns sometimes…

It’s kinda scary, this matching patterns business… but it makes for some fun and interesting looks!

And life is too short to follow unnecessary rules anyway – my 2 cents, try it on and if you like it, wear it!

I found this Fossil dress a few weeks ago (who knew Fossil made clothes?). It’s a little short, so I only feel comfortable wearing it with flats.. why not with my newly thrifted Guess leopard flats?! (why would someone get rid of these??)

Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted, Earrings: Thrifted

And I found these beautiful earrings while visiting my sister Tabi in Washington state at her local Salvation Army store.

  1. Naomi C. said:

    You didn’t know Fossil made clothes??? I love their stuff, but too spendy. Mixing prints is definitely in these days. I always see polka dots and stripes getting mixed. I like how it looks, if done right. Sometimes it’s a bit off. White after Labor Day can look weird if styled wrong too. I still can’t handle socks with sandals. I saw it way too much in AZ and just looks so bad. I have yet to see it done right or well.

    Love the earrings too. So bold and retro. but simple.

    • i think the day i wear socks with sandals will be the day i am chasing my flying pig… i just have been seeing it alot lately so I guess it’s okay now!

  2. Those guess flats are darling, I have no clue who would bring those to a thrift store! Someone with too many guess flats I assume. Anyways, I appreciated the diversity of your blog but being a classic preppy staple person myself, the new mixing patterns trend is tough for me to make work. I’m slowly accepting it, but personally I cringe at white skinny jeans before spring at least. You aren’t supposed to blend in with snow, but thats just my personal opinion.. and not the opinion of many ladies in my town.

    • lol, yes, i too would probably cringe at white skinny jeans in the winter.. but how about a white (cream) Wool pant? no?

  3. Noreen said:

    love, love, love! The stripes, the animal print, the exposed zipper…all of it.

  4. tabitha said:

    LOVE that dress! i also didn’t know fossil made clothes, but i doubt i’d ever buy them unless i also stumbled upon them at a thrift store. :) and i totally think your mix of patterns in this case totally works!

    can’t wait to see what you come up with next week…oh, and i know i’ve said this before, but you’ve got great legs sister!!

    oh, and i’ve got to ask, is the hubs the one taking these pictures? he’s doing a good job. :)

    • thanks tabi.. and no, it’s just me and a tripod he bought me for my last birthday… and a 10sec delay on the camera of course… lots of running back and forth checking the pics…

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