Living Room – What I’m working with

Let’s start with an addendum to my previous post :)

I forgot to add pictures of the real BEFORE pictures of the living room. doi!

Here is what the living room looked like during our home inspection:
It had me at: helllooooo wall of windows!!!!

The window wall, fave thing about the house :)

What is that you say?

It looked pretty good before? Well, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but the color of the trim was this beige that looked pinkish, mauvey in the light..and it was a dingy mauve…

the jury(me) voted and it had to go

and this is what his royal cuteness looked like that day :)

What I have done to the living room since we moved in:

Painted ceiling (Glidden standard white ceiling paint)
Painted walls (Behr Premium in Silver Sateen)
Painted trim (most daunting job ever! but with a lot of prayer, advice from a professional painter, and hubby watching baby(guess I had the easier job), it only took 1 week ;-)
(Behr Premium in Snowfall)
Painted fireplace brick (Behr Premium in charcoal)

Had floors professionally stripped to their natural red oak color, and clear coated. What a difference!


So, where to start?
Let’s do some inventory of what I already have.

1 creamish sofa bed – Ikea
1 brownish beige couch – bought from friends who bought it from World Market.
1 white (worst paint job ever!) regency cane back chairs – Craigslist
1 mid century modern dresser/credenza – FREE from someone’s curbside trash!!!
1 small tan/brown natural fiber rug – Hobby Lobby
1 ginourmous dark brown TV cabinet – The Dump
1 Bamboo/wicker/iron rocking chair – FREE list on Craigslist!!
5 random throw pillows
2 white lamps sans shades – Goodwill
1 brown leather trunk – Free from friends that were moving
1 oval coffee table – Craigslist
Some random do-dads and thing-a-majigas that I’ve accumulated..
+ whatever stuff I find in other rooms of the house… everything is up for grabs!

As you can see, I love second-hand stuff!
What about you? Do you have any favorite craigslist or trash treasures?
p.s. Got any junk you want to get rid of?! I’m currently open to donations! ;-)

  1. That fireplace is great and screaming for a picture or mirror! Those sunburst mirrors are super cool. Have you thought about a bigger area rug? Love that pink one with the graphic pattern on your pinterest board. The couches and chairs are good “finds”, girl! It’s definitely a talent to be able to mix and match from different places and still get it “right”!

  2. girl that room is to die for. absolutely gorgeous. I would have bought the house for that room myself. I love love love the ikea couch and really like the cabinet thing on the opposite wall that you got out of the dump. did you restore it or did it look like that when you found it? I do craigslist buy and sell all the time, got some baby gear and planning on getting a backyard swing set off there but have not ventured to furniture. Great finds.

    • Thanks bobi! It really is a great room, I think it’s what sold us on the house too :)
      The dresser/cabinet is exactly as it was out of the trash… (plus a few crayon drawings courtesy of Luke). The plan is to restore it someday…..

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