Getting skinny!

No no,

not me,

my jeans!

After seeing a couple of great tutorials online from Cotton & Curls and Cut Out and Keep, I too decided that  my bootcut jeans should become skinny.

I bought this particular pair of jeans from the Junior’s section at Nordstrom Rack about um… 8 years ago?

Never worn them..

Why? eh, they needed to be hemmed, and I kept putting it off… then I gained weight…  then I lost weight and forgot about them..

I came across them a few weeks ago when I cleaned out my closet.

It was time to make those jeans wearable!

First I took a BEFORE pic, baby wanted in on the fun too :)

Then I laid the pants on the floor, and laid a pair of skinny jeans on top of them.

I traced out the skinny jeans, leaving about 1/2 inch seam allowance.

I sewed on the line..  they looked cruddy :( they were all bunchy at the knee area..

So… I removed the stitches.

I tried the jeans on and noticed that they didn’t need any taking-in along the thigh area (shocker).

So instead of just taking them in on one side, I started at the knee, and took them in a little on each side, gradually tapering toward the ankle.

Before cutting off any access fabric, I tried them on.

One leg done, one leg to go. But I like it!

I hemmed them, and they were ready to go. I don’t like my skinnnys to bunch around the ankle when I wear flats, so I hemmed them quite a bit.

Here’s the final look!
What is that you say?  They’re kinda tight?  yeah, I know… skinny jeans are ALOT more easily attained than skinny thighs…. just saying..


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