Living Room Inspiration

For the past year, I’ve been tucking away ideas and inspiration for my living room.

The general idea:

  1. I’d like it to stay bright.
  2. The style I’d like to achieve:   I’d like to hover somewhere between traditional and modern… eclectic?..
  3. I am open to painting some part of the fireplace… and some of the furniture..
  4. We are informal people, so no fancy-schmancy textiles or things I would have to cover in plastic to sit on ;)
  5. We have a 19-month-old, so things have to be durable and washable!
  6. It is a living room after all, so I’d like to eat, drink, live, play, and party in this room.
  7. Any purchases should be second-hand or from budget stores, after all, I’m not buying new furniture so our child (and future children) can express their artistic creativities all over it… not doing it..

Well, I have a bazillion of ideas swimming around in my head, but I’ve managed to wrangle some in and lock them onto a Pinterest board.

(click on the picture to link to my LV pinterest board)

What do you think? This is a suggestions-friendly blog, so I’d love to hear them!


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