Pretty Bird

I made my first official purchase for my living room remodel.

A bird!

I’ve kinda been on a bird thing lately – bird shirt, bird earrings…

speaking of!
a bird flew into my windows last week!
and not because they were squeaky clean!
Those windows haven’t seen Windex since last June!
Scared me silly! thought someone threw a rock at my house!
Poor thing, it was pretty shook up!
It sat on the concrete in the same position for several hours.
When hubs got home, I told him to go rescue it.
Well, as he walked towards it, it hopped away and then flew off!!

I digress.

I found this bronze? beauty at a local thrift store for $6.98.
When I’m thrifting, I hate to spend more than $5 on one item (anybody else?).
but this was a beauty!
I love the clean, fluid lines of its shape. and it’s a very heavy metal.
It doesn’t have any markings on it, so I’m not sure who the artist is or if it’s just a reproduction of some sort.

Either way, I love it!
If you really want to be inspired to go thrifting for home decor, apronthriftgirl has a thrifting share party every Monday!

  1. I love this piece of art. Very art deco and I think worth paying a little more, even for thifted.

  2. Jane said:

    I think this was WELL worth the money!!

  3. sue said:

    I too have a set price I don’t like to go over when I’m out thrifting, but I know that sometimes you have to break the rules. Buyers remorse is not worth it when you find something you love. That bird is very unusual and I can tell you really love it, which is the best reward of all.

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