Thrifting Tuesdays – I am not a model!

There it was, on pg 15 of the March 2012 Jcrew catalog, an outfit I already owned!

Well, not really, but I happened to have copycats of all the pieces.

I love that about a great catalog – maybe you won’t purchase anything from it, but it might inspire you to do something different with what you already own.

And I would have never put these pieces together!

Here is the inspiration:

Aaaand, here is what I had! Did I mention the cardigan IS JCrew? and I found it at a consignment store! with the tags still on! yay!

Cardigan-(JCrew) thrifted / Skirt - thrifted / Shirt (IZOD) thrifted/ Shoes (BCBG)- circa 8 years ago / Necklaces - Anthropologie and Forever 21

What is that you say?
It’s not a true comparison without a side-by-side shot?
You asked for it!

  1. tabitha said:

    HAHAHAHA!! i love the side-by-side – with a little more practice i think you could really pull off that deer in the headlights look. :)

    love the color combinations in this outfit…and it makes me want to go out and find a leopard print pencil skirt or something, although i should probably wait until i lose my baby weight, huh?

  2. Noreen said:

    Very funny! Lol

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