$20 Deals and Steals!

Ok, I’m going to officially diagnose myself with a sixth sense.

I will call this sense my thrift sense.

cheesy, I know.

Last Friday, I threw carefully strapped the baby in his car seat and went a-thrifting.  The estate sale I hit was a GOLD MINE!  Unfortunately, I could not set baby down due to fragile things everywhere… so I bought nothing :(

Then  I hit a thrift store…

mustard yellow velvet recliner… too much work.. same for the mid-century side table.. I bought nothing.


As I was about to turn into my neighborhood, the thrift sense kicked in “well, surely someone around my neighborhood is having a sale… the weather is so nice…”

So, I kept driving..

AND there it was!  a tiny cardboard sign just down the street.. GARAGE Sale!!!!!!!

And the first thing I saw in their garage…… the EXACT tables I had envisioned for my dining room, Yes, just that morning I thought, “I would love to find some super cheapo, metal framed, square with modern lines side tables”.

there they were!  Indeed, the paint was chipping off of them (easy fix) but for the price ($3!!!! each!!) how could I resist??!! I almost felt guilty buying them for so cheap! They are solid and will look soooo good once I clean them up!

And then there was this giant frame with cheesy reproduction poster glued to a canvas… I bought that too! I will prob paint over the poster(looks like someone already started on the right side with white paint)

.. but I kinda like the  gold almost coppery look of the frame.

And a large bag of misc. buttons!  oh my buttons, makes me want to go replace some of my boring buttons with some of these cute fabric-covered ones.

And these adorable dog coasters which the seller said came from her home country, Portugal.  We were just there!

(note: do not give cork coasters to baby in back seat.  He will chew but not swallow Lassie :(

Aaaand to top it off a beautiful, healthy, lush chive plant!
Total cost: $20!! on the nose!
still not convinced you should at least try thirfting? Maybe the finds on ApronThriftGirl will change your mind! Love that chevron patterned blanket!

  1. tabitha said:

    oh my word, you are the thrifting goddess and you most certainly have a sixth sense for it! :) love all your finds, and am so looking forward to the day when you and i can go thrifting together! :)

  2. Naomi C. said:

    I look and look and can never find good stuff around these parts. :( I’m pretty jealous of those white side tables. Very modern!

    • It’s always right when you’re about to stop looking, poof! there they are! I know I still can’t believe the tables.. it looks like she used to keep them outside with plants on them because the glass has water marks, but these puppies are going to be front and center in my living room!

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