Front door teaser

I know, it’s Tuesday and here I am with no thriftiness to show you!

Not that I don’t have a stockpile to show you, it’s just that I’ve had some setbacks (laziness, procrastination, sleepiness).

So, this week, the thriftiness will have to wait until Thursday… if just to preserve the alliteration :)

And if you’ll bear with me until tomorrow, I will finally reveal my front door facelift!

Want a hint??

Let’s just say it is no longer dungeon denim, but more of a lagoon :)

I know, lame-o hint.

Can I make it up to you with a picture of springtime yumminess?! compliments of pinterest :)

Strawberry Mousse Cake

  1. tabitha said:

    ok, did you actually make that cake?? omg, it looks delish…and difficult to make! :) i want a piece, stat!

    • ha ha, no did not make that cake, but it just looked so springy and yummy I just had to share!

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