Front Door Finale!

Today, I bring you my freshly painted front door!

It was supposed to be a simple paint job, but I turned it into a slightly more complicated ordeal which then involved the skills of the hubby.
Who will from now on be referred to as: Mr. Stud. When he added himself to my cell phone, this was the name he chose for himself :) and a picture that resembles Michael Jordan. Why? Because what basketball-loving(obsessed) man wouldn’t want to look like Michael Jordan and have people refer to him as Mr. Stud?!

I digress.

Mr. Stud reluctantly became a member of the front door facelift project. And he did an awesome job installing our new door handle set and outdoor wall lighting.

Lest you forget, this was the denim door of darkness:

And here is what I did!

I know! I even shocked myself! I love to wear color, but am always hesitant to use it in my home. I just feel like it’s so permanent.
But the more I stared at it, the more I knew it needed some punch, pizazz, something that says “fun people live here!” not “enter at your own risk!”

The color of the door is Martha Stewart “Lagoon” and the door surrounding is Behr Premium “Stonewashed”.

I also replaced the door handle and wall lights. Since we are planning on staying here for a LONG time, I decided to make the plunge and purchase new hardware. Otherwise, I would’ve removed them, and spray painted the heck out of them!

With the door handle and fixture, I chose more modern styles. I’m trying to slightly modernize the home without trying to make it something it is not: a modern home.
The handle is from Home Depot.

And the lights are from Lowe’s.

And because I LOVE Before/After pictures, here are a couple :)

  1. Erin said:

    I love it! Beautiful color and I like the gray surround!

  2. i think it makes it more inviting the way you did it and I love the hardware gorgeous as are the lights. great job.

  3. tabitha said:

    absolutely love the door handle and light fixtures!

    the colors of the door are still growing on me…but i think i like them. i can be honest, right? ;) it definitely lightens up the house and says, ‘someone fun lives here’. it also makes the door look smaller; not sure if that’s the look you were going for.

    overall, kuddos to you for having a clear idea of what you wanted and going for it! :)

    • lol, ur sisterly honesty is always (99%) appreciated ;-) It does look smaller… not what I was going for… but still soooooooo much better than dungeon denim :)

  4. So much friendlier now. It has Welcome written all over it!!!! Love the color!

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