Change of plans….

You know that living room I was going to finally finish?

And those chairs I was going to redo?

Not gonna happen, well at least not this month :)

Because I’m seasick.
Barely vertical.
Barely getting by.

But on a good note, we’re pregnant!

Yes, a tiny little baby the size of a lima bean is making me completely useless!

I realize now what an easy pregnancy Luke was:
Minimal nausea
-No severe aversions to green foods
-No crazy fatigue
-No braxton Hicks contractions
-A total of 6 hours labor

I just attributed the easy first pregnancy to the fact that I was a natural-born Romanian, baby-making bulldozer.

Yes, bulldozer is the term of endearment that my brother-in-law gave to my sister. He says Romanian women are like bulldozers… they are strong, not afraid of work and know how to get it done! (i’m sure there are some other, not-so-flattering analogies that could be made too :)

So, I assumed that every pregnancy would be equally as easy.

WRONG. I am not the bulldozer I thought I was.

All this to say: We thank God for this pregnancy and can’t wait to meet our #2 in November.
And for now, there will be less blogging until I feel better or at least a little normal:(

Meanwhile, I will be eating Kraft Mac-n-cheese and Ramen noodles with Ragu spaghetti sauce. Because that’s what the baby wants.

  1. I figured, last week when you posted on Facebook that you were not feeling too well I wanted to ask if you had checked to see if per chance you were with child. But then I thought better of it. Hmm… Now I wish I had.
    My #2 pregnancy was way more difficult than #1 but my delivery was way quicker as was my recovery. Good trade off in my opinion now that I’m on this side of things. :)
    Wishing you health and a speedy 7 months.

    • Thanks Bobi! We are excited and I can’t wait to feel better :)

  2. tabitha said:

    YAY! glad it’s finally public. :)

    and let me just say, i COMPLETELY hear you on the mac-n-cheese and ramen w/ragu…that’s pretty much what i survived on my first trimester! reid thought aliens had take over my body. :)

  3. Deborah said:

    You hou houoooooo!!! Felicitations! Bienvenue au numéro 2, et courage pour ces mauvais moments…, on vous embrasse

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