Back to the land of the living!

…not that I’ve felt dead for the past month, I just haven’t felt like myself.

Nauseous, tired, no desire to blog or craft or cook do anything remotely creative.

I was basically doing the minimum needed to get by.

But I’m in my 2nd trimester, baby is a the size of a lemon, and I’m feeling good!!

So good that I have returned back to my old tricks… taking on too many projects at one time!

Here’s what I have going on right now:

8 sanded cabinet doors – awaiting to be patched, primed & painted
2 metal cube end tables – in the garage, covered in peeling paint after I applied a chemical stripper to them.
2 cane-back chairs – cane removed, in same condition as the end tables
1 coffee table – primed and 1/2 taped off in a herring bone pattern, awaiting painting or better idea

And while I could be focusing all my energies on finishing one of these projects, I have instead decided to go fabric shopping!

And I even came home with some samples –
after finally getting through to the sales lady that I was NOT interested in looking at any more silk tapestry, $75-per-yard fabric.

Yes, that is what she showed me after I explained to her that I wanted some child-resistant, casual, graphic print fabric.
Eventually we made it to the outdoor/indoor fabric section- you know, the kind of fabric that could be taken outside and hosed down, that’s what we need in this house :)

I want to cover the cushion on these chairs (craigslist find):

And I’d also like to make some throw pillows for the couches. But I don’t want to go too matchy-matchy or formal…

So, here are the fabric samples that I came home with:

In the store, they looked like great options.
But now that I have them in the room, I don’t know….
too formal, too blue, too ??
just not what I was going for.

The look I’m going for is: Traditional Living meets Artist Loft meets Minimalistic with a touch of Southern Living and a dash of French country.
Is that too much to ask for?!

Ok, so what’ya think? Love to hear if you love them, hate them, or have a better idea!

(and it’s good to be back in “normalville” :)

  1. Vanessa said:

    oh and i love all those patterns…..

  2. tabitha said:

    so glad you’re finally feeling better!!

    can’t believe how many projects you have in the pipeline…you put me to shame. :)

    of the fabrics, the red is by far my favorite, followed by the gray. not sure how well they meet your ‘look’, but they speak to me. :)

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