Why I don’t wear white shorts

1. I’m pear-shaped
2. I heard white accentuates your problem areas (see #1)
3. I don’t like to wear shorts
4. I can’t wear them after Labor Day
5. I once saw a salesgirl at BR whose white linen shorts were, umm, hmm, kinda, sorta, transparent?!
6. I tend to spill food on myself
7. I have a fear of sitting in something not-white
8. I am currently unsatisfied with the amount of jiggle in my Jello (see #1 & #2)

Those are all the rational reasons I could come up with.

But I’m pregnant, irrational, and it’s 90 degrees and HOT here in TX!

A good bargain has a way of making this girl throw out her “rule” book and go for it! Plus they were super comfy on the belly :) Baby likes. Momma likes the $5.99 price tag!

I had heels on instead of flats, and my legs looked not bad! … but who am I kidding?! I have an almost-2-yr-old, I’m hot, and usually tired… so kinda unrealistic that I would wear heels, but flats, yes!

SHORTS MotherhoodMaternity Thrifted, BLOUSE: Unknown Thrifted, BELT: Unknown Thrifted, SANDALS: Merona Target

Oh, and here’s the belly at 16 weeks! 1/2 human, 1/2 food baby… I’ve had a lot of Ramen and Kraft mac n’ cheese! Don’t judge, baby’s palate is still underdeveloped at 16 weeks ;-)

  1. In general, I avoid any kind of white clothing (including shades of cream or pale pink). My reasons….some same as yours. But for me, they wash me out and make me look like a ghost and in general I am a klutz and will end up with those stains right on the bright white. I also won’t wear the white bottoms for the transparency reason. I’ve seen way too many underwear lines, etc through white pants/skirts.

  2. I identify with the “white” issue! :-) Good luck with the white shorts!

  3. iimpp said:

    Recently, I find white is a fascinating color. I combine it with another light color like pastel or faded jeans shorts. It helps me look more cheerful. But whit shorts are something I’ve been trying to avoid. Seeing you makes me wanna try some! Guess white lace shorts will be good :)

  4. Eli said:

    Well, I’m a believer of trying things your brain always warns you about when it’s a good price. You look perfectly fine in spite of 1-8. I’m not even pregnant and have the same fears!

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