Living Room Cabinets, Part 1

Look what is finally being worked on!

When we first moved into the house, I painted the walls and trim in the dining room and living room, along with fireplace. But after a few INTENSE weeks of painting, I was completely unwilling to paint anything else.

That’s why the doors for the built-ins alongside the fireplace have been neglected.

The original paint of all the trim and cabinet doors was a cream color that developed a pinkish tint in the daylight… yuck. It really just looked like white paint that was dirty :( So I chose to paint all the trim and doors a crisp, clean white. I chose “Snowfall” by Behr. Ahhhh. The white paint immediately brightened up the room.

This is what the unpainted cabinet doors look like in contrast with the painted trim.

So far I have primed both sides of the doors and applied one layer of the paint to the inside of the doors.

I have been using this sprayer that I borrowed from my friend Cassia.

I loved what it did with the primer: it went on smoothly and so fast! It would take me under 3 minutes to paint one side of a door!

Unfortunately, it did not treat the latex paint as well. It would go on smoothly for the most part, and then it would periodically spit out big clumps of paint which left a really bumpy surface, boooo :( Luckily, this was on the inside of the cabinets and who cares about what that looks like, right?!

So I have decided to use a brush and smooth roller to paint the fronts of the doors.
I have also been using a semi-gloss latex paint, but I think I’m going to switch it out for a high-gloss. When I painted the trim in room, I used an oil-based paint which has a higher amount of sheen to it. The semi-gloss latex paint is really too matte next to it. And ever since I painted all that trim, I swore NEVER to use oil-based paint again (so not user-friendly!), oh and I shouldn’t be sniffing that stuff while I’m pregnant anyway.

We’ll see how it goes! I’m just looking forward to having them done by this weekend!


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