Living Room cabinets, Part 2 (the reveal)

Well, it is a year and 3 months after we moved into our new home…..

and I FINALLY completed painting the cabinet doors in the living room! Yay!

What took so long?!

Oh, a little procrastination + aversion to painting + an attention-hungry toddler + a tumultuous first trimester of baby 2.0 + the beginning of other more “important” projects.

But that’s all in the past! I finished!

Here’s the BEFORE:

and the AFTER:

It’s not a very dramatic change in the pictures, but the white paint and “new” hardware make all the difference in the room. Everything is uniform and clean.
Now to finish some of those furniture project I’ve been working on… maybe next year at this rate…

  1. Malia said:

    Those look great! I think just having new hardware makes such a difference.

  2. what a simple yet huge difference the paint and hardware makes. love the change. good work Lyg.

  3. monica said:

    Lookin’ good! I can so relate to what all new paint feels like! Makes it look updated, even if it’s all old stuff. I wasn’t brave enough to tackle my kitchen cabinets myself, but I was definitely unhappy with how they looked and so I had someone come and paint them. He did a fab job for a pretty good price. I’m gonna post some pics on my blog soon. Anyway, that is what prompted my “emergency” text to you on whether or not to spray paint my handles gold? :) I think the hardware you had was great… glad you were able to refurbish!

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