It’s a GIRL!

We are expecting our 2nd child, 1st girl in November :)


After having a boy, I’m not sure I will know what to do with a girl?! I guess just loving her, feeding her, clothing her, and protecting her is a good start, right?

… and I’m calling her “Her” because she has no name, yet.

Heck, we don’t even have a top 10 of names…

but while she doesn’t have a name, she does already have her Christmas outfit!!

Crazy 8 Velvet jumper (tags still on): Original price- $24.95, I paid- $6.00

I know, priorities.

oh, did I mention it comes with 2 shoe options? Yes, she will have to start making some very hard decisions at a very early age.. does she wear the grey glittery ones, or the patent red ones?
Best part: They were all bought at a bi-annual baby/kids/maternity consignment sale. The jumper still has the tags on it!

Janie & Jack Red shoes- Original price- $35+, I paid- $10
Grey glittery shoes – Original price- ?, I paid- $4

ok, all silliness aside. I have real problems to worry about.

Like, what does she wear with the black velvet jumper?!

(I hope that my sarcasm will not be lost on ya’ll. I know there are more important things in life than velvet jumpers, but it sure is a blessing to enjoy the process of choosing your daughter’s first christmas outfit.)

  1. Kelly hill said:

    Cute striped Christmas tights and a coordinating bow or appliqué something Christmassy on it using your sewing machine!

  2. Remind us again of your due date? And girl names are so hard. Boys names too actually. Florin and I have started lists early so that when the time comes, we might have some idea of what to name our kids.

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