Master bath – the floor that almost sent me over the edge

Sigh… the floor tile has been laid… and I like it, I like it alot…

I might actually not leave my bathroom once it’s done… I can hear them now…
“Where’s mama?”
“Why does mama have to use the bathroom so much?”
“Is mama ok?”

.. but I think I had my first panic/anxiety attack with this floor.
This is what the pattern looked like last Friday – not the herringbone I had asked for.

Worst part, I noticed it after they had finished laying the tiles and grouting.
Even worse, I have been staring at this floor, watching the progress, ALL week, and never noticed anything wrong… until Friday afternoon when the workers were gone for the weekend.
What I was most upset about was that I hadn’t caught the pattern error earlier.
Yup, obviously I’m a stickler for details. I’m going to blame this one on pregnancy.
( I know, I know, First-world problems)

Since it was Friday, there was nothing I could do about it but email the contractor.
Thankfully, he was not phased by it, and assured me that it would be a quick and inexpensive fix.

True enough, the tile sub-contractor came yesterday and had it all completed by the end of the day. Aaaand they were able to use the existing tile, so no extra $$ spent on materials :)
Lesson of the day: Don’t remodel your bathroom while 7 months pregnant. Do it yourself! and if you can’t, pay attention to the details, and hire an awesome contractor!

  1. Naomi C. said:

    I love the herringbone pattern. Your little remodel reminds me of what I do on a daily basis. Most contractors/subcontractors will fix things at no charge to keep the client happy. Just make sure to give them a good recommendation to your friends or online. :)

  2. a said:

    Where can i find this floor tile. So pretty.

  3. Kara said:

    Hi! Could u plz tell me the size of the tile? Thanks!

      • Kara said:

        Thank you for responding!

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