I have the greatest friends!…. that have great stuff they want to give me!

Seriously I do.

This past week I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of two amazing pieces from 2 friends. Score!

First this beauty:

A retro/mid-century? Lazy-Boy Rocker/Recliner. I have never seen one of these before.

My friend Laura bought it second-hand, and she didn’t want to haul it with her as she will be moving back to her hometown. So she offered it to me, FREE!

Its permanent residence is now in the nursery, and I think it’s just beautiful! and the room will be designed around it, because it’s my favorite piece in there!

And then, there is the most beautifulest, grandest, most regal of all chandelier cinderella stories.

My friends Jeff and Joanna bought a new house around the same time we did.

And with the home came a collection of chandeliers that didn’t fit their taste and style of the home.

But I remember the first time I walked in and saw this beauty.

I tried not to gasp out loud, but I just thought it was so beautiful! Eventually I couldn’t contain my admiration and offered to buy it if they ever wanted to replace it.

Well lucky me! After several months of my husband resisting (he couldn’t visualize it in our home), and the J’s not ready to replace it yet, we finally became the proud new parents of this baby :)

Ain’t she grand?!

Oh, and being the awesome people they are, the J’s even came over and teeter-tottered on ladders in order to help my husband install it.

Yep, I’m a lucky gal with awesome friends and the best husband that loves and trusts his wife enough to let her buy this chandelier*.

*no J’s, hubbies, or wandering toddlers were harmed during a somewhat tense chandelier-hanging that included 3 adults on 3 ladders, plus 1 clumsy pregnant woman on the ground barking orders, rude..*

  1. I love both pieces. I really love your style Lyg, it’s just such a great mix, you speak my language when it comes to decor, only you have a way better eye for bringing things together. Maybe someday when we get in our forever home, I’ll pick your brain for ideas. ;)

  2. Thanks bobi! If my children haven’t picked my brains over by then, I would love to talk house stuff with you.. never gets old :)

  3. All right! I think I have this commenting thing figured out. Finally!
    You have amazing taste, Lygia! Every time I look at photos of your house I am so impressed. I love that chair. I absolutely love your chandelier. Your floors, your walls, your doors! Love it all!

  4. james said:


    I love your new chair!

    I have the strangest request ever… I actually have clone of it and adore it, however, Mine has a reclining issue. Under it there’s a loose bar attached to a spring & Wood on one side, but i cannot for the life of me figure out where the other side attached. (To a square bar I think)

    Have i made you sad yet? ☺

    The local repair guy doesn’t know and lazy boy has no manual for it.

    Could you. .. Would You. .. take a picture or two of underneath and send them my way?

    My real email address is exploring@comcast.net

    Thank you,


    • I would be happy to take a picture of my clone chair :) It make take a couple of days due to it being so heavy, so I will need to get some help. Strangest request on the blog yet ;-)

      • james said:

        Thanks! Because of You, I may finally be able to fix this Great chair!


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