So much has happened since my last post!

And so I will attempt to play catch-up…

The MAIN event:
Baby Celia made her world premiere last week! More on that later, but here’s a photo of our angel -cuz that’s what mommas do :)

Pure sugar and spice!

And the other stuff:
– Our master bathroom remodel is complete! At least on the contractor’s end. The finishing touches are up to the resident designer (me), who I hear is a major procrastinator and commitment-phobe – yes even when it comes to choosing a soap dispenser, so it might never be really “finished”.

– My sister came to visit from Washington state and took my maternity pics – they turned out so fantastic! and brought her baby with her, Bonus awesomeness!!

– I sewed my first crib sheet(s)! I found a super easy tutorial – watch out friends with babies, this may be the new baby shower present :)

– A dye and refashion job on white maternity jeans.

– Luke’s “Despicable Me” minion crochet hat.

  1. Vanessa said:

    Congrats on your new addition! She is precious!!!

  2. monica said:

    Hellloooo!!! OMG! (goodness, that is!). I can’t believe I’ve barely caught up on your blog today. From one procrastinator/ busy-bee to another… you probably can believe it! I am so happy to hear Celia and yourself are well! (can’t believe you had her already… where did the time go??!). She’s a baby doll! And, of course, lucky to have you as her mother.

    • you are too kind Monica! Can’t wait for you to meet our baby girl someday (hopefully sooner than later) :)

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