Easy 2-ingredient Black Bean Soup

The week before we leave for vacation, we try not to go grocery shopping and instead try to use up what we already have.

This makes for some interesting meals sometimes.

And sometimes necessity breeds innovation, as it did in this case.

A can of black refried beans and some chicken broth make a very yummy and easy black bean soup that serves two.  Add some cornbread or tortilla chips and you have lunch!
two ingredient black bean soup - hilldalehouse.wordpress.com

two ingredient black bean soup

Easy 2-ingredient Black Bean Soup

(makes 2 1-cup servings)

1 can refried black beans

1+ cups chicken broth

2 Tb Sour Cream or Greek yogurt (optional)

Splash of milk (optional)

Few cilantro leaves (optional)

Empty the can of refried black beans into a pot.  Add one cup of chicken broth and use a whisk to mix together.  Add more chicken broth if you prefer your soup thinner. I didn’t add any seasoning because I found the salt/seasoning level  just right, but you can taste at this point and add more salt/pepper, or even some water if you find it too salty.

Bring the soup to a boil, stirring occasionally to prevent the soup from burning.  Once boiling, remove from heat promptly.

While the soup cools enough to be eaten, you can prepare your garnishes.

I mixed some greek yogurt and a splash of milk and put it in a Ziploc bag to make the cream swirl on top.

A spoon of salsa, some avocado, or even a splash of lime would also be great in this.



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