I finally got around to making something for baby girl.

I have a long list of DIY projects I have wanted to make for her including headbands, bibs, shoes, and dresses but the time has just slipped away from me.

So when I saw this faux leather ribbon at Joann’s, I just had to have it.

It took about 1 hour to complete the little bow headband based on this tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff.
The only changes I made were using a shorter elastic length, and I also sewed the bow on instead of using glue.

And it seems she loves it as much as I do :)





We have now had 12+ hours of non-stop rain and thunderstorms. It’s dark, dreary and wet outside.
The perfect antidote: bright, happy thrifted clothes :)

Remember when I bought these for my sister’s birthday?

Well I am sad embarrassed to say that I am just now (1 month late) sending them to her… (sorry Nomers!)

I went ahead and tried them on… just to give her an idea of what I did with them.

Can’t wait to see how she wears them!


kinda frumpy, but I loved the bold stripes!

I hemmed the skirt, did nothing to the shirt.

SHIRT thrifted/ JEANS refashioned/ SHOES thrifted/ NECKLACE thrifted

SKIRT thrifted/ TOP thrifted/ SHOES BurlingtonCoatFactory/ NECKLACE WRCA RanchRodeoTradeShow

And you can even wear them together now!

hubs even took a break from his prison snack (rice cake & water!) to show appreciation for this one ;)

BEFORE: (house slippers and compression stockings?! yes indeed, you now know my deepest, darkest secret :)

I hemmed the skirt, ripped off the collar and used grey bias tape in its place.

DRESS thrifted/ BELT TheLimited/ SHOES $9.99shoestore

too old-timey schoolmarm for you?

Get rid of the bun, grab some modern accessories, your highest chunkiest heels and roll up those sleeves!
Voila! Modern SchoolMarm!

Decent enough to wear to church or to instruct young minds, but still hip enough to hang out with and not embarrass your 20-something friends

I rarely buy pink, but the pattern was so lovely!

Kept it simple, letting the shirt shine!

and since this one’s for the birds, aren’t these cute? they came in a 3 pk for $4.99 at Target!

Happy Birthday Nomers!! I hope you enjoy them!! Love you!

No no,

not me,

my jeans!

After seeing a couple of great tutorials online from Cotton & Curls and Cut Out and Keep, I too decided that  my bootcut jeans should become skinny.

I bought this particular pair of jeans from the Junior’s section at Nordstrom Rack about um… 8 years ago?

Never worn them..

Why? eh, they needed to be hemmed, and I kept putting it off… then I gained weight…  then I lost weight and forgot about them..

I came across them a few weeks ago when I cleaned out my closet.

It was time to make those jeans wearable!

First I took a BEFORE pic, baby wanted in on the fun too :)

Then I laid the pants on the floor, and laid a pair of skinny jeans on top of them.

I traced out the skinny jeans, leaving about 1/2 inch seam allowance.

I sewed on the line..  they looked cruddy :( they were all bunchy at the knee area..

So… I removed the stitches.

I tried the jeans on and noticed that they didn’t need any taking-in along the thigh area (shocker).

So instead of just taking them in on one side, I started at the knee, and took them in a little on each side, gradually tapering toward the ankle.

Before cutting off any access fabric, I tried them on.

One leg done, one leg to go. But I like it!

I hemmed them, and they were ready to go. I don’t like my skinnnys to bunch around the ankle when I wear flats, so I hemmed them quite a bit.

Here’s the final look!
What is that you say?  They’re kinda tight?  yeah, I know… skinny jeans are ALOT more easily attained than skinny thighs…. just saying..

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