I stink at techy things, apparently.

I decided as much as i like my current blog look, the navigation is terrible.

So I am looking for a new theme that meets my blogging needs.

Such theme is yet to be found..

So if the blog looks all wonky, I apologize. I blame my techy inadequacies on my lack of a smart phone.
I only have a dumb phone. (but I’m not complaining!)
But it explains alot.

but the blog will have to wait because i currently have a toddler running interception between me and the computer screen by laying on my chest and giving me googly-eyes..


After my last blog entry, one would think that I would be “down” with the art of mixing patterns…

I thought so too…

Until I saw Prada’s Resort 2012 collection…

esp this one…  (she looks a little scared too, doesn’t she?)


I guess you CAN mix lipstick print + crazy 60’s floral + beret + slinky sandal + denim purse + tan cardigan…

But SHOULD you?!!??


I KNOW I’m not the only one that feels this way…

I can’t possibly be!

The thought of turning 30 makes sick…not violently, but that sick that slowly creeps up on you throughout the day, and before you know it you start having body aches, then some throat scratchiness – and then the dreaded fever..

and the only thing you want to do is lay in bed all day with the lights turned off.. whether you sleep or not is irrelevant, you just want to lay there…

THAT’s how I feel about turning 30.. or rather, about leaving my 20’s behind..

in fact I feel like I’m leaving my WHOLE youth behind. and all youthful things…
such as…
-times where your only responsibility was getting yourself ready for school

-times when you could spend 5 hours at Starbucks pretending you were reading an American classic, but you were really people judging watching

-not caring how old you are… unless someone called you a baby! which you were not! YOU were always mature for your age!

-times when you didn’t think about adding wrinkle cream to your morning regiment, or could even spell regiment

-times when you WERE one of those “youngsters” acting all-crazy with your all-crazy friends at the mall, and you were NOT the “mature” woman giving them rolly-eyes looks, as you rushed out of the mall in hopes of making it home by 9pm so you could be in your holey flannel silk pajamas and in bed by 9:30..

-times when having $200 in your bank account seemed like alot of money – although it only stayed there for an average of 0.8 seconds before it magically transformed itself into a pair of shoes/jeans/purse/gloves/bag of Doritos/random things at the Dollar store/back-to-back-to-back visits to Taco Bell

-times when you were insane fearless crazy enough to try crazy things… like roller coasters and Yosemite’s Half Dome

-times when you didn’t think about “Those” times…

So, in memory of those times, I am not taking this laying down!

No Siree bob!

I am going kicking and screaming! Savoring every bit of those “it’s okay if you’re immature because you are a 20-something” immaturity spells for the next 3 days.
I’m not just gonna succumb to it!
I am going (hubby/baby/friends/family beware!) to:
Kick something

And do something Cuh-RAZy!!
Get a tatoo (henna), get a piercing(2nd ear one?), drive really fast(65mph in a 60zone), jump off something really high (bunk bed?), etc.

Then I will drive to my nearest big-girl store, buy some big-girl panties, put them on, apply wrinkle cream, don my mom-jeans, kiss my baby, kiss my husband, clean my kitchen floor, do laundry, read Good Housekeeping magazine,
and thank God that he has blessed me with 30 beautiful years on this earth.
and I kinda-sorta am curious/excited/scared about what the next 30 will bring!

Lately been feeling like the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland” – running around in circles looking at the time and wishing for more time.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve had 2 fulltime jobs. First, I am mommy and wifey, and from 8-5, I’m a Cardiovascular Sonographer.

I must say I have a new-found respect for women that hold an 8-5 job, and then have to come home to care for children and others. Yikes it’s hard! And it doesn’t help that D and I started P90X 3 weeks ago. And I decided to paint and move into my master bedroom that week. Ok, yes, so some of the madness is self-inflicted, but whoa! This is a whole new level of multi-tasking!

Needless to say, no time for blogging.. (i have however found time for pinterest, there’s always time for pretty things)

But have a few things on the horizon… pics from Luke’s 1st birthday party, master bedroom remodels.. maybe some before/after p90x pics??

I was awakened this morning by a startling thought…..

We don’t have a coat closet at the front of our new house!!!

Where will guests put their coats?!
Where will I hide junk when I “clean” before my friends come over?!
Where will I keep my umbrellas??!!
Oh no! How could we have overlooked something so critical when we bought this house/????!!!
(sinking feeling in pit of my stomach)


Wait, we have two hall closets just around the corner, next to the bedrooms.
Those should work.

Whew, crisis averted.


The new house euphoria disappears just as fast as it builds up!

It went like this for us:

L- “oh we want it!  gotta have it! we’ll only need this much $$$, because we’ll diy alot of it”

(create spreadsheet to of potential $ saved by diy-ing it – show to impressed money-conscious engineer hubby)

(negotiate price, meet halfway) “grrr, I think we could’ve gotten it for less”

L- “so, wow, that’s alot of work to be done” (looking at spreadsheet)

L- “let’s price it out! our time is worth something too!”

L- “you want how much for painting 3 rooms?! do you know how many rooms i could furnish with that $$?”

L- “i think we need to do it ourselves”

D- “i’m really busy at work this week”

L- “no problem, i can do it!”

( on hands & knees scrubbing kitchen grout for 2 days)

L- “who lived here before us??!!! I don’t think they ever cleaned this floor!”

L- “and they certainly never dusted!” (giant hairballs of unknown creature discovered in waterheater closet) “Gross!!”

(hairballs left in place, to be dealt with another day)

(need supplies, tools) (3 trips to Home Depot) ($500 poorer)

L- “I don’t think i’m going to paint this week.  It’s gonna take me all week to clean/ prep”

L – “oh and we need thing A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J-X that i forgot last time I went to the store”

D- “don’t forget to add Y & Z to the list”

(looking at spreadsheet)

(wanting to pull hair(now graying) out)

(wishing for a move-in ready modern)

Not really.  I’ve had many homes.

But this is the first home I have purchased.. along with my husband… who has better credit… so technically, he purchased it..

Ok! Well! this is the first home that I had a say in when purchasing it! So there!

It wasn’t the house we thought we wanted.

We started our hunt looking for a “move-in ready”, “modern” home.

We ended up with a “gonna need alot of updating” , “traditional” home.

This is what I fell in love with:

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