Seriously I do.

This past week I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of two amazing pieces from 2 friends. Score!

First this beauty:

A retro/mid-century? Lazy-Boy Rocker/Recliner. I have never seen one of these before.

My friend Laura bought it second-hand, and she didn’t want to haul it with her as she will be moving back to her hometown. So she offered it to me, FREE!

Its permanent residence is now in the nursery, and I think it’s just beautiful! and the room will be designed around it, because it’s my favorite piece in there!

And then, there is the most beautifulest, grandest, most regal of all chandelier cinderella stories.

My friends Jeff and Joanna bought a new house around the same time we did.

And with the home came a collection of chandeliers that didn’t fit their taste and style of the home.

But I remember the first time I walked in and saw this beauty.

I tried not to gasp out loud, but I just thought it was so beautiful! Eventually I couldn’t contain my admiration and offered to buy it if they ever wanted to replace it.

Well lucky me! After several months of my husband resisting (he couldn’t visualize it in our home), and the J’s not ready to replace it yet, we finally became the proud new parents of this baby :)

Ain’t she grand?!

Oh, and being the awesome people they are, the J’s even came over and teeter-tottered on ladders in order to help my husband install it.

Yep, I’m a lucky gal with awesome friends and the best husband that loves and trusts his wife enough to let her buy this chandelier*.

*no J’s, hubbies, or wandering toddlers were harmed during a somewhat tense chandelier-hanging that included 3 adults on 3 ladders, plus 1 clumsy pregnant woman on the ground barking orders, rude..*

Has it really been over a month since I wrote something?! I guess when you have one 100 degree day after another, it just starts to feel like the same wake-up, put-on-a-ton-of-deoderant, drink-massive-amounts-of-water, avoid-going-outdoors, sigh-at-your-dying-lawn, be-thankful-you-don’t-have-to-work-outdoors, routine… and before you realize it, it’s August!

But I have been doing stuff in the meantime.

Like this stuff..

I bought these chairs on craigslist last year. They weren’t exactly a “steal” I paid $60 for each.
Yeah, looking back, they were an impulse buy. But they were in great condition and I liked the style of them.

I was originally planning on using them as the captain chairs in the dining room. I set them in the living room for additional seating one day, and decided I liked them better than the other craigslist chairs. Not to mention these were closest to being “refinished”.

The fabric on the seats was not working for me. I didn’t know what to replace it with because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take the room in.

Well, the fabric has decided that for me. I knew I wanted a graphic print with some texture. After taking home samples and not liking them in the room, I made a leap and just bought a yard of this fabric without taking a sample home.

And so about a month ago, I marched to Home Depot(twice!) to get a staple gun and the wrong staples (that’s why I got to go again!)
I ironed out the fabric wrong side up in order not to make any marks on the velvety design.
Then I laid it out on my dining table.

I removed the staples that were holding the dustcover (a piece of thin netting) because I wanted to reuse the dustcover.

I could have also removed the fabric, but I was too impatient and decided to cover over it.

I started by making sure the design was centered both ways on the chair. Then I trimmed the fabric just so I hand enough to staple around the back.

First I stapled in the center of each side, and then worked on the corners. After that, I just stapled away until I felt the fabric was secure.

Then at last, I stapled on the dustcover, and voila! Recovered chairs.

I’m not sure if my method was proper chair-covering protocol, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

I was hoping they would inspire me to go ahead and finish the living room… HA!

Decisions are made at a snail’s pace around here ya’ll!

…not that I’ve felt dead for the past month, I just haven’t felt like myself.

Nauseous, tired, no desire to blog or craft or cook do anything remotely creative.

I was basically doing the minimum needed to get by.

But I’m in my 2nd trimester, baby is a the size of a lemon, and I’m feeling good!!

So good that I have returned back to my old tricks… taking on too many projects at one time!

Here’s what I have going on right now:

8 sanded cabinet doors – awaiting to be patched, primed & painted
2 metal cube end tables – in the garage, covered in peeling paint after I applied a chemical stripper to them.
2 cane-back chairs – cane removed, in same condition as the end tables
1 coffee table – primed and 1/2 taped off in a herring bone pattern, awaiting painting or better idea

And while I could be focusing all my energies on finishing one of these projects, I have instead decided to go fabric shopping!

And I even came home with some samples –
after finally getting through to the sales lady that I was NOT interested in looking at any more silk tapestry, $75-per-yard fabric.

Yes, that is what she showed me after I explained to her that I wanted some child-resistant, casual, graphic print fabric.
Eventually we made it to the outdoor/indoor fabric section- you know, the kind of fabric that could be taken outside and hosed down, that’s what we need in this house :)

I want to cover the cushion on these chairs (craigslist find):

And I’d also like to make some throw pillows for the couches. But I don’t want to go too matchy-matchy or formal…

So, here are the fabric samples that I came home with:

In the store, they looked like great options.
But now that I have them in the room, I don’t know….
too formal, too blue, too ??
just not what I was going for.

The look I’m going for is: Traditional Living meets Artist Loft meets Minimalistic with a touch of Southern Living and a dash of French country.
Is that too much to ask for?!

Ok, so what’ya think? Love to hear if you love them, hate them, or have a better idea!

(and it’s good to be back in “normalville” :)

Ok, I’m going to officially diagnose myself with a sixth sense.

I will call this sense my thrift sense.

cheesy, I know.

Last Friday, I threw carefully strapped the baby in his car seat and went a-thrifting.  The estate sale I hit was a GOLD MINE!  Unfortunately, I could not set baby down due to fragile things everywhere… so I bought nothing :(

Then  I hit a thrift store…

mustard yellow velvet recliner… too much work.. same for the mid-century side table.. I bought nothing.


As I was about to turn into my neighborhood, the thrift sense kicked in “well, surely someone around my neighborhood is having a sale… the weather is so nice…”

So, I kept driving..

AND there it was!  a tiny cardboard sign just down the street.. GARAGE Sale!!!!!!!

And the first thing I saw in their garage…… the EXACT tables I had envisioned for my dining room, Yes, just that morning I thought, “I would love to find some super cheapo, metal framed, square with modern lines side tables”.

there they were!  Indeed, the paint was chipping off of them (easy fix) but for the price ($3!!!! each!!) how could I resist??!! I almost felt guilty buying them for so cheap! They are solid and will look soooo good once I clean them up!

And then there was this giant frame with cheesy reproduction poster glued to a canvas… I bought that too! I will prob paint over the poster(looks like someone already started on the right side with white paint)

.. but I kinda like the  gold almost coppery look of the frame.

And a large bag of misc. buttons!  oh my buttons, makes me want to go replace some of my boring buttons with some of these cute fabric-covered ones.

And these adorable dog coasters which the seller said came from her home country, Portugal.  We were just there!

(note: do not give cork coasters to baby in back seat.  He will chew but not swallow Lassie :(

Aaaand to top it off a beautiful, healthy, lush chive plant!
Total cost: $20!! on the nose!
still not convinced you should at least try thirfting? Maybe the finds on ApronThriftGirl will change your mind! Love that chevron patterned blanket!

No turning back now!

Remember this chair I bought off craigslist?

Well, this is what it really looked like close up:

Streaky paint job with some of it flaking off.

The caning is torn on the side, and when it was painted, some of the caning "holes" were filled in with paint.

Aaaaand, this is what it looks like now:

Yup! I took it down to it’s bones..
Still not sure what I want to do with it completely… It does need to be repainted, but what color? and what will replace the caning?
Time to start making some decisions…
What would you do with it?

For the past year, I’ve been tucking away ideas and inspiration for my living room.

The general idea:

  1. I’d like it to stay bright.
  2. The style I’d like to achieve:   I’d like to hover somewhere between traditional and modern… eclectic?..
  3. I am open to painting some part of the fireplace… and some of the furniture..
  4. We are informal people, so no fancy-schmancy textiles or things I would have to cover in plastic to sit on ;)
  5. We have a 19-month-old, so things have to be durable and washable!
  6. It is a living room after all, so I’d like to eat, drink, live, play, and party in this room.
  7. Any purchases should be second-hand or from budget stores, after all, I’m not buying new furniture so our child (and future children) can express their artistic creativities all over it… not doing it..

Well, I have a bazillion of ideas swimming around in my head, but I’ve managed to wrangle some in and lock them onto a Pinterest board.

(click on the picture to link to my LV pinterest board)

What do you think? This is a suggestions-friendly blog, so I’d love to hear them!

Let’s start with an addendum to my previous post :)

I forgot to add pictures of the real BEFORE pictures of the living room. doi!

Here is what the living room looked like during our home inspection:
It had me at: helllooooo wall of windows!!!!

The window wall, fave thing about the house :)

What is that you say?

It looked pretty good before? Well, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but the color of the trim was this beige that looked pinkish, mauvey in the light..and it was a dingy mauve…

the jury(me) voted and it had to go

and this is what his royal cuteness looked like that day :)

What I have done to the living room since we moved in:

Painted ceiling (Glidden standard white ceiling paint)
Painted walls (Behr Premium in Silver Sateen)
Painted trim (most daunting job ever! but with a lot of prayer, advice from a professional painter, and hubby watching baby(guess I had the easier job), it only took 1 week ;-)
(Behr Premium in Snowfall)
Painted fireplace brick (Behr Premium in charcoal)

Had floors professionally stripped to their natural red oak color, and clear coated. What a difference!


So, where to start?
Let’s do some inventory of what I already have.

1 creamish sofa bed – Ikea
1 brownish beige couch – bought from friends who bought it from World Market.
1 white (worst paint job ever!) regency cane back chairs – Craigslist
1 mid century modern dresser/credenza – FREE from someone’s curbside trash!!!
1 small tan/brown natural fiber rug – Hobby Lobby
1 ginourmous dark brown TV cabinet – The Dump
1 Bamboo/wicker/iron rocking chair – FREE list on Craigslist!!
5 random throw pillows
2 white lamps sans shades – Goodwill
1 brown leather trunk – Free from friends that were moving
1 oval coffee table – Craigslist
Some random do-dads and thing-a-majigas that I’ve accumulated..
+ whatever stuff I find in other rooms of the house… everything is up for grabs!

As you can see, I love second-hand stuff!
What about you? Do you have any favorite craigslist or trash treasures?
p.s. Got any junk you want to get rid of?! I’m currently open to donations! ;-)

We officially moved into this house on April 16th last year.

I can’t believe it has almost been a year!

Well, I’m sad to say, that besides painting, some craigslist furniture and some minor DIY projects, the house is still mostly unfinished. :(

So in honor of hilldale house’s 1st birthday, I resolve to finish decorating one room!

Nothing gets this procrastinator going like a deadline!

And I choose the Living Room!
1. It’s the first room you see when you walk into our front door.
2. I actually have an idea of what I want to do with most of the room.
3. The room is 85% painted (minus cabinet doors and bar doors).
4. The LV is furnished, so I won’t have to make any major purchases.

So, I’ve put up a countdown ticker on my homepage to remind myself this is for real! I’m nervous, anxious, but also very excited that I will finally have 1 room of the house decorated!

This is what the LV looks like in its current state…

This is the view when you first walk in (dark due to so much light from windows)

I moved to the right to take this pic, less glare.. baby wanted in on the fun, so he ran around the table :)

Standing in front of windows

Views from the kitchen

This corner is the big conundrum! Have NO idea what to do with it… Any suggestions??!! What would you do with it?

View from the fireplace

Standing to the left of the Window wall

Now that I’ve looked at all the pictures again, I’m freaking out!
Gotta go get started!

I love Craigslist!

I’m going to start chronicling my C-List finds and where they end up in my home.

I’m currently on the hunt for dining chairs…

and in the search I found this classic wingback… it had me at “orange” …

At $45 it was a steal!

In the night-light of the seller’s storage unit, it looked like a faded burnt-orange… and in the daylight that’s exactly what it is!

I’m hoping to do the minimal amount needed to freshen it up… starting with some steam-cleaning.

Maybe I’ll paint the legs a crazy color and add a fun throw pillow?

or just paint the legs white to freshen it up?

or maybe some nailhead on the side?

Now to find an extra 40 hours in my week to work on it..

is my treasure!

It’s been an amazing week on Craigslist!  I had no intention of buying anything, but I had a few minutes and decided to peruse around and see what my fellow Dallas-ites were selling.

I am now the proud owner of 2 cane-back chairs, 2 bamboo-style chairs, and one 9-foot expandable rustic spanish dining table!

All pieces need a little work, but for the deals I got on them, I’m ready and willing!!!

The bamboo chairs:

and some inspiration for afters……

or maybe keep the frame and do a fun stripe on the seat?

And then the cane-back chairs. Someone did a ummm… less-than-perfect paint job on them. I like the white, but I will strip and repaint them, and also fix some of the caning. I think they need a bright bold cushion…

After inspiration…
Green Velvet anyone??!!!

or a bright, bold, fun print?

or dump the white and go for drama??