I KNOW I’m not the only one that feels this way…

I can’t possibly be!

The thought of turning 30 makes sick…not violently, but that sick that slowly creeps up on you throughout the day, and before you know it you start having body aches, then some throat scratchiness – and then the dreaded fever..

and the only thing you want to do is lay in bed all day with the lights turned off.. whether you sleep or not is irrelevant, you just want to lay there…

THAT’s how I feel about turning 30.. or rather, about leaving my 20’s behind..

in fact I feel like I’m leaving my WHOLE youth behind. and all youthful things…
such as…
-times where your only responsibility was getting yourself ready for school

-times when you could spend 5 hours at Starbucks pretending you were reading an American classic, but you were really people judging watching

-not caring how old you are… unless someone called you a baby! which you were not! YOU were always mature for your age!

-times when you didn’t think about adding wrinkle cream to your morning regiment, or could even spell regiment

-times when you WERE one of those “youngsters” acting all-crazy with your all-crazy friends at the mall, and you were NOT the “mature” woman giving them rolly-eyes looks, as you rushed out of the mall in hopes of making it home by 9pm so you could be in your holey flannel silk pajamas and in bed by 9:30..

-times when having $200 in your bank account seemed like alot of money – although it only stayed there for an average of 0.8 seconds before it magically transformed itself into a pair of shoes/jeans/purse/gloves/bag of Doritos/random things at the Dollar store/back-to-back-to-back visits to Taco Bell

-times when you were insane fearless crazy enough to try crazy things… like roller coasters and Yosemite’s Half Dome

-times when you didn’t think about “Those” times…

So, in memory of those times, I am not taking this laying down!

No Siree bob!

I am going kicking and screaming! Savoring every bit of those “it’s okay if you’re immature because you are a 20-something” immaturity spells for the next 3 days.
I’m not just gonna succumb to it!
I am going (hubby/baby/friends/family beware!) to:
Kick something

And do something Cuh-RAZy!!
Get a tatoo (henna), get a piercing(2nd ear one?), drive really fast(65mph in a 60zone), jump off something really high (bunk bed?), etc.

Then I will drive to my nearest big-girl store, buy some big-girl panties, put them on, apply wrinkle cream, don my mom-jeans, kiss my baby, kiss my husband, clean my kitchen floor, do laundry, read Good Housekeeping magazine,
and thank God that he has blessed me with 30 beautiful years on this earth.
and I kinda-sorta am curious/excited/scared about what the next 30 will bring!


During our house search, an entertaining space was one of the main requirements I had for our future home.

When I walked into the living room of Hilldale house, I immediately pictured it full of our family and friends. The floor to ceiling windows look out onto a courtyard with a covered patio – perfect for hot summer days here in Texas.

I am thrilled to announce that Hilldale house will be hosting it’s first party in a few weeks!

Our sunday school class is throwing one of our dear friends, Sarah, a baby shower.

Without giving too much away, here are a few details about the shower:

1. We will be having a tea party! Guests have been asked to wear their favorite hats or hair accessory.

2. The color scheme is orange and turquoise! (I know! and it wasn’t even my idea!!)

3. Here is the beautiful invite, found by my very talented, creative friend Crystal:

With a new home comes many discoveries.  Ours was no exception.  Some cool, others: not so  much!

1. Dead rats in the attic – not cool!

2. Hidden passage – VERY cool! (and no, I’m not telling where it is)

3. Treasures in the crown moulding: kinda cool

  • 2 inch ball of gray play-do… or at least what it looks like
  • 1 white, dust covered lucky rabbit’s foot
  • 1 foam paintbrush tip

4. 1/2 pretzel stick in the tv cabinet: not cool!

5. Boogers on the wall: not cool!

6. 2 pantries: WAY cool!

7. Grimy, dirty, very full gutters: Fine for me, NOT cool for Deric ;-)

Can’t wait to see what else we unearth!


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