Master Bath

So much has happened since my last post!

And so I will attempt to play catch-up…

The MAIN event:
Baby Celia made her world premiere last week! More on that later, but here’s a photo of our angel -cuz that’s what mommas do :)

Pure sugar and spice!

And the other stuff:
– Our master bathroom remodel is complete! At least on the contractor’s end. The finishing touches are up to the resident designer (me), who I hear is a major procrastinator and commitment-phobe – yes even when it comes to choosing a soap dispenser, so it might never be really “finished”.

– My sister came to visit from Washington state and took my maternity pics – they turned out so fantastic! and brought her baby with her, Bonus awesomeness!!

– I sewed my first crib sheet(s)! I found a super easy tutorial – watch out friends with babies, this may be the new baby shower present :)

– A dye and refashion job on white maternity jeans.

– Luke’s “Despicable Me” minion crochet hat.

Sigh… the floor tile has been laid… and I like it, I like it alot…

I might actually not leave my bathroom once it’s done… I can hear them now…
“Where’s mama?”
“Why does mama have to use the bathroom so much?”
“Is mama ok?”

.. but I think I had my first panic/anxiety attack with this floor.
This is what the pattern looked like last Friday – not the herringbone I had asked for.

Worst part, I noticed it after they had finished laying the tiles and grouting.
Even worse, I have been staring at this floor, watching the progress, ALL week, and never noticed anything wrong… until Friday afternoon when the workers were gone for the weekend.
What I was most upset about was that I hadn’t caught the pattern error earlier.
Yup, obviously I’m a stickler for details. I’m going to blame this one on pregnancy.
( I know, I know, First-world problems)

Since it was Friday, there was nothing I could do about it but email the contractor.
Thankfully, he was not phased by it, and assured me that it would be a quick and inexpensive fix.

True enough, the tile sub-contractor came yesterday and had it all completed by the end of the day. Aaaand they were able to use the existing tile, so no extra $$ spent on materials :)
Lesson of the day: Don’t remodel your bathroom while 7 months pregnant. Do it yourself! and if you can’t, pay attention to the details, and hire an awesome contractor!

What a difference a week makes!

Gone are the mauve toilets, cracking acrylic tub, mauve subway tile, rusty brass showerheads, and shell sinks.

Our faucets, sinks, showerheads and tub have all safely arrived after ordering them online from Home Depot.

Still need to make decisions on tile, countertops, mirrors, cabinet hardware, paint color and finishing touches such as towel racks.

Feeling: mildly stressed, mostly excited, giddy that it’s happening!


During Week 1:


During Week 1:


During Week 1:

Oh, and there’s a tub in our dining room. Anyone need a box for moving? could prob fit a couple of rooms in there!

She REALLY needs it. For being born in ’86, she’s already a sad, dingy creature.

No, I’m not being a mean girl.

She’s my master bath.

The time has come!

We started demolition today!

And as much as I wish we could DIY, this is WAY over our abilities and time constraints. Unfortunately, for a bathroom the size of ours, even an upgrade can get pricey very quickly, especially here in the big city where labor costs tend to be higher.
But because of some water damage and mold, we knew it would eventually need to be done.

We finally decided it was now or never – before we welcome baby 2.0. Because I hear children have a way of making your money disappear. Just a rumor going around town.

Here she is in all her mauvey 80’s glory! I’m sure at one time she was a dazzling diva, but those days are long gone.

Separate his/hers entrances:

His side – what do you think about that wallpaper?!

Wait, there’s another layer of fabulous-ness underneath!

Her side – I get the mauve acrylic tub and the carpet… that gets wet…

The shared shower that can be accessed through both sides: note all the shades of mauve.. but the skylight and the tall ceiling are probably my favorite features in the entire house!

So, you’re probably thinking, it’s not that bad!

Let me take you in a little closer….

Chipped tile, water damaged baseboard and sheetrock

Water-logged baseboards (who knows what lies beneath!)

Nasty sinks with black stuff(mold?) growing around the drain

Acrylic tub that is falling apart

Old, peeling, rusty showerheads

And the worst offenders of the whole lot – mauve toilets that leak :(
(p.s. if you call me at home in the future, I might be answering it from my new toilet phone… I mean, we’ve already got the wiring for it next to the toilet ;-)

Can’t wait to post a ton of before/afters!

Oh, and some of these pictures were taken just before our closing over 1 year ago…and I was walking around taking pictures while carrying this chunky monkey… I miss his baby-ness :(

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