Today, I bring you my freshly painted front door!

It was supposed to be a simple paint job, but I turned it into a slightly more complicated ordeal which then involved the skills of the hubby.
Who will from now on be referred to as: Mr. Stud. When he added himself to my cell phone, this was the name he chose for himself :) and a picture that resembles Michael Jordan. Why? Because what basketball-loving(obsessed) man wouldn’t want to look like Michael Jordan and have people refer to him as Mr. Stud?!

I digress.

Mr. Stud reluctantly became a member of the front door facelift project. And he did an awesome job installing our new door handle set and outdoor wall lighting.

Lest you forget, this was the denim door of darkness:

And here is what I did!

I know! I even shocked myself! I love to wear color, but am always hesitant to use it in my home. I just feel like it’s so permanent.
But the more I stared at it, the more I knew it needed some punch, pizazz, something that says “fun people live here!” not “enter at your own risk!”

The color of the door is Martha Stewart “Lagoon” and the door surrounding is Behr Premium “Stonewashed”.

I also replaced the door handle and wall lights. Since we are planning on staying here for a LONG time, I decided to make the plunge and purchase new hardware. Otherwise, I would’ve removed them, and spray painted the heck out of them!

With the door handle and fixture, I chose more modern styles. I’m trying to slightly modernize the home without trying to make it something it is not: a modern home.
The handle is from Home Depot.

And the lights are from Lowe’s.

And because I LOVE Before/After pictures, here are a couple :)


I know, it’s Tuesday and here I am with no thriftiness to show you!

Not that I don’t have a stockpile to show you, it’s just that I’ve had some setbacks (laziness, procrastination, sleepiness).

So, this week, the thriftiness will have to wait until Thursday… if just to preserve the alliteration :)

And if you’ll bear with me until tomorrow, I will finally reveal my front door facelift!

Want a hint??

Let’s just say it is no longer dungeon denim, but more of a lagoon :)

I know, lame-o hint.

Can I make it up to you with a picture of springtime yumminess?! compliments of pinterest :)

Strawberry Mousse Cake

I love my house.

I hate my front door!

Not the door itself, the color! ick! What would you call this? murky denim? Rainy Day blue?

Whatever it is, it’s got to go!

It does nothing for the curb appeal… makes you feel like you’re walking towards a dark dungeon… ok, maybe a little dramatic..

aaaand I’ve been griping about all of this since we moved in almost a year ago.

But now that I have given up TV for Lent, I have a surprising amount of “free” time on my hands.

See ya later Rainy Day blue!

1. Tape off door and around door.

2. Prime the door. I used a fast drying Kilz primer.

3. Make the baby his own sidewalk chalk paint so you can have 15min of uninterrupted painting time.

4. Let primer dry.

5. Remember you are also unhappy with the house numbers. Too dark, can’t see them from street. Go to garage, find spray paint.

6. Spend 20min ripping tape in itty-bitty pieces to mask off areas you didn’t want painted.

7. Create cardboard tunnel/shield to keep the spray paint directed at numbers.

8. Spray coat of primer. Wait 1 hour, then spray Silver spray.

9. Peel off paint right away! (not recommended, but I’m a very impatient person!)

10. Fall in love with new house numbers… :)

p.s. this is what the door currently looks like, primed… now to make color decisions..I hope this doesn’t take another year

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